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Likhom policy

  • You have just connected to the website of Likhom.com. Please read carefully the following information as it constitutes a contract which establishes the terms of service relating to the information, the databases and current software on this site. You are entitled to use this site only on condition that you agree to the terms outlined below. The use of this site confirms, irrevocably, that you accept the terms of the contract.
  • The likhom.com site is to be navigated following the instructions that appear on screen.
  • The database must not be used for commercial purposes, but only for your personal needs and exclusively for consultation. According to Law no. 98-536 of July 1st, 1998, which relates to intellectual property as outlined in the directive 96/9/CE of March 11th, 1996 and concerning the legal protection of databases, FLBnet is the owner and producer of all or part of the databases composing the present site. By reaching the present site, you accept recognition that the data is legally protected and, according to the capacities of the aforesaid law of July 1st, 1998, you notably refrain to extract, to reuse, to store, to reproduce, to represent or to keep, directly or indirectly, on a some support, by every possible means and under any shape whether it is, all or any qualitatively or quantitatively substantial, the contents of data bases appearing in the site which you reach.
  • The installation of information about your computer system by downloading from the likhom.com site, as well as the use of this information are carried out under your own control, direction and responsibility, according to the details you supplied while interacting with the options on the site itself. No matter what results are obtained from this information, the use made of these results is entirely your own responsibility.
  • You acquire no right of intellectual property on the information contained in this site nor in the databases of which the site is composed , nor on any elements, know-how, brand names or logos, technological or otherwise of which the databases are composed. You must, therefore, respect property rights relating to information, databases and data. As such, you will maintain in good condition and will refrain from modifying, removing, altering, moving wholly or partially by whatever means, the various mentions of property and copyright that feature on the screens.
  • You may not use partial or total copies of this site or the information contained in the site in a network or with a product, a system or an application without the preliminary written consent of FLBnet
  • All consultation, copy or reproduction, total or partial of this site for purposes other than those intended in the present contract is expressly forbidden.
  • Through its good offices, FLBnet maintains the constitution and the updating of the database. However, in the absence of complete control over all the information collected, FLBnet guarantees neither that the database is free from errors nor that it is accurate.
  • Due to the diversity of information sources, the complexity of the information collected and the difficulty in checking group sources, you should use the results with utmost care. FLBnet cannot be held responsible for consequential damages such as a delay in judicial or moral obligations, loss of a market, commercial damage, loss of clientele, commercial problems of any kind, loss of earnings, loss of brand image that could arise from the use of this site and its database, from inability to use the database or from the accuracy of the information contained in the database or the use of the information therein.